Introducing the GOTRAX Flash Hoverboard for Kids! Designed in 3 unique colors, this hoverboard also features LED lights that make this hoverboard fun for everyone. Powered with a 150Watt Dual Motor and 25.2V Battery, this hoverboard supports riders up to 88 pounds. We’ve capped its speed at 6mph, making this hoverboard fun and safe. Children can also ride the Flash 3 miles per charge. Don’t forget to always wear a helmet and #rideGOTRAX!



Battery & Motor - The GOTRAX Flash features a 150W, 25.2V Battery, giving this hoverboard the power to ride up to 6mph and 3 miles per charge. 

Wheels - The Flash is equipped with 6" wheels that create a smooth, easy to maneuver ride that is safe for your child.

Bonus Features - The LED lights and ultra-light frame (12.1 pounds) make this hoverboard fun to watch and easy to carry! 

Colors - The Flash comes in 3 different colors, so your child can choose the board that best suits them. 

Self Balancing Mode - Self balancing features of the Flash allow your child to keep the board level with the ground, helping them ride easier and master the hoverboard faster than ever before.

Flash Hoverboard for Kids

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