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General Repairs, computer diagnostics 
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Other Micro-Mobility Devices

Wheel Replacement, General Servicing, Wheel Repair, and More!

We can service E-board, E-Wheels, and other Micro-Mobility devices!


The Modern City

Micro-Mobility is the apex of next generation transportation technology



YouMove is a new company and we service all micro-mobility devices including (but not limited to) bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-wheels, e-boards etc… Give us a call if you have a service inquiry of any kind and we would be happy to meet with you to drop off your micro mobility device at our warehouse for next day service (timing may vary on some devices or due to labor intensity).

Help us make DC a green city by investing in micro-mobility. Now that you know you can get any device serviced by us next-day  and at low cost, there’s nothing stopping you from getting rid of that pricey car and freeing yourself from insurance, parking, and other fees. 


Ride green, ride cheap, and let us keep YouMovin’! 



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