Ebike and scooter repair, fix, and service
Washington DC




Tune-ups, computer diagnostics 
next day tune ups,
& installations


Other Micro-Mobility Devices

Wheel Replacement, flat fixes, General Servicing, brake adjustments, electrical component servicing

We can service E-board, E-Wheels, and other Micro-Mobility devices!


The Modern City

Allow us to service your ebike, scooter, or other device so we can transform how the city rides. Reshape your commute, YouMove.



Founded in 2021, YouMove is America's one-stop-shop for e-bikes. Our mission is to provide same-day service for e-bikes and other electric micro-mobility (scooters) the city folk of America can live better. Most Americans simply don't need a car. A good car (Tesla) is one years salary for most Americans. Bad cars are just awful. Paying fees or paying for gas, recharging, parking, registration, insurance, maintenance, depreciation, accidents, increasing premiums, traffic, tolls, oil changes....maybe you are starting to see our point of view. Now that we have the battery, mobility is only restricted to our imagination since we don't need to drag an internal combustion engine around anymore in 1 ton metal boxes. Try an ebike, have it serviced the same or next day at YouMove, and watch your city life change over night.

Let us Keep YouMovin'

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